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Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for buyers to have access to all the practices listed on DentalDirect?
DentalDirect is free for all buyers. You can search by city, state, zip or listing ID  for practices in your geographic areas of interest and see generic text listings that describe the general parameters of the practices. To be able to view the full practice portfolios you must register with the site and sign an agreement to abide by our Non-Disclosure and Terms of Service. 

Why am I required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I can open the Practice Portfolios?  Just like traditional dental brokerage, the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement is necessary to protect the confidential information of the seller.  Confidential information includes the fact that the practice is for sale.  The NDA applies to all information you receive about the seller's practice, whether accessed through the online portfolio or supplied to you by the seller in person.  

Why am I required to provide my professional information?  The main reason we require your professional information is to protect our sellers from unwanted solicitation.  It is important for our sellers to know that the people looking at their portfolios are indeed practicing dentists interested in buying their practice.  This is also the reason for the email verification.

How current are the Demographics Reports?  Our demographics reports are as current as the last US census which is taken every ten years.  Some states take a census at various intervals between these 10 year periods.  These results are used whenever available.  The results from the 2010 census will become available in March of 2011.

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