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DentalDirectSales is an online dental practice sales service that allows dentists to discreetly market and sell their practices without the inefficiencies and hefty commissions of the traditional brokerage system.   As with many new businesses, ours was borne out of frustration with the status quo.  After seeing a colleague sign over 10% of the total sales price of his practice to a broker he saw only twice in 2 years, we saw that the traditional method for buying and selling dental practices was due for an update.  Determined to find a more efficient business model, we began to form a process that would provide dentists with all the resources they needed to buy and sell practices directly without the intervention of the broker.

DentalDirect began as an idea for a book devoted to educating dentists about the process of dental practice sales.  But it soon became apparent that a book wasn't going to actually change anything for the average dentist about to sell his or her practice.  Armed with more knowledge, they would still be bound to the traditional brokerage sytem and it's high priced commissions.  The biggest issue that had to be resolved was privacy.  So we asked ourselves, "What do brokers do to safeguard the privacy of their clients?".  The answer was nothing more complex than a simple non-disclosure agreement.  Then we thought, "Why can't this be done online?".  Indeed, why not?   There was no reason this couldn't be done quickly and efficiently online with the listings being made immediately available instead of funnelling the information through a broker.   Complete practice portfolios could be seen in minutes, not days and the advice typically provided by brokers could be made available online with an ever growing database of information. The concept of DentalDirectSales had come full circle.  What had begun as an idea for a book had grown into a comprehensive online solution for dental practice sales. is an online listing and educational site devoted specifically to dental practice sales.  Our mission is to provide a national marketplace for dentists to buy and sell practices that allows them to deal directly with each other in a discreet and professional manner AND to furnish them with all the tools and information they need to complete their practice transitions in an efficient, cost effective way.  Whether or not you choose to use the services of DentalDirect, we hope that you will avail yourself of the educational resources on the site to make yourself a better informed buyer or seller. 

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